Boffin III

Boffin Bricks

New Boffin III kit combines bricks with Boffin parts!
With the Boffin III kit, you are going to learn how to combine the Boffin Kit with bricks to make several storey
buildings and other realistic buildings.
The kit contains 200 components, which can be used to build following projects: Lighthouse, Traffic lights. Bridge, 3 storey building, Fort and more projects described in detail in the included manual.

Base for all projects is a board to which all components are snapped onto. Manual describes function of each project and what to expect from it. You can check that everything works after assembly.

With the current components you can devise hundreds of additional projects, which aren’t described in the included manual or you can combine parts and projects from different Boffin kits.

Boffin III offers an option to connect MP3 players, making 3D drawings, games focused on memory, speed, connecting an airplane and mini car to the kit.

Boffin Bricks is an addon to Boffin I and II kit and components in all Boffin kits are compatible and interchangeable.

Boffin III is compatible with LEGO ® kits.

- Hundreds of different projects
- Option to invent and build your own projects
- Components are interchange
- Detailed manual with component placement and description of the function of the project
- Component colour coding for better orientation
- Simple assembly and disassembly of the projects

Package contents:
1x Board
200x parts (complete list is in the manual)
1x detailed manual with pictures of all the components and projects (on the included DVD of thumb drive)

· Option to build hundreds or projects
· 200 components included
· Possibility to combine with other Boffin kits
· 3x AA batteries (not included)
· Suitable for kids from 8 years and up